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U.S. Senator – California: Third Party Candidates

U.S. Senator – California:  Some of the Third Party Candidates

There are 34 candidates for the United States Senator in the California Primary Election this year.  Voting for California is June 7, 2016.

Note:  If you see something that is inaccurate, please feel free to correct me.  It is much appreciated.

Tired of the Republicans and Democrats?  Here are some of the third-party, independent, and no-party preference candidates.  I will include the candidate’s website as this blog entry will provide only a small summary for each candidate.  I will do my best to be non-opinionated and non-biased. 

Clive Grey – No Party Preference.
Grey, an entrepreneur advocates jobs and small businesses, encourages laws that help small businesses thrive in California.  Supports a regulated path to citizenship for immigrants.  Advocates for clean energy use including gray water irrigation, solar power, geothermal heating, and water reclamation.  Against big money and lobbyists in politics.  Proposes a flat tax.  Animal rights and affordable health care advocate.  Minimize or eliminate administrative costs in education.

Gail Lightfoot – Libertarian
Against the War on Drugs, Iraq War, and other wars for profit.  Advocates for National Security.  Supports ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and the Right to Self Defense (2nd Amendment).  Limited support on abortion rights (no late-term abortions).  Advocates limited government and personal responsibility.  Deregulate the health care industry.  End federal influence on education.  Bases her forum on Barry Goldwater.

Jason Kraus - No Party Preference. 
Proposes a federal consumption tax to replace all other federal income taxes.  It works like a sales tax (Example: 8% for products and services priced $500.00 or less.  Exempt are fresh produce, unsalted nuts, diary and meats without added sugar).  Proposes a $250 United States Military and Protection Tax per adult citizen that will fund the U.S. military.  No federal housing.  Immigration policy includes manned U.S.-Mexico border, work status issued upon verification of employment and clean criminal record, 10 year wait for permanent citizenship.  Not a fan of social security.

Pamela Elizondo -  Green
Elizondo is a big advocate of marijuana farms and believes it is a solution to major problems.  Proposes a $0.01 federal, state, and county tax in lieu of our current tax base.  Replace defense spending, space research, foreign aid, and sports arenas with grants to business that restores the Earth.  Legalize hump and marijuana.  Replaces scientific medicine, encourage homeopathic remedies.  Grow marijuana farms everywhere.  Did I mention marijuana?  (She mentions marijuana this a LOT in her platform.)

Mike Beitiks -   No Party Preference
The big issue that Beitiks addresses is global warming.  Proposes that this issue will be addressed, by any means necessary.  Everything funds fighting climate change.  Exclusive clean energy and you can’t cut trees without permission.  Eliminates private transportation.  Everyone stays home in January.  Not a fan of jobs. 

John Thompson Parker – Peace and Freedom
Supports the $15.00 minimum wage.  Wants to eliminate police departments for certain minority races.  Anti-war activist.

Jason Hanania – No Party Preference
Hanania is an e-vote candidate.  Basically, Hanania will present each issue and he will do whatever the voters decides via an online evoting service.  Doesn’t accept campaign donations.  

Eleanor Garcia – No Party Preference
Socialist Workers Party.  Supports Unions.  Fought to overthrow Jim Crow laws. 

Ling Ling Shi – No Party Preference
Uses a Christian approach to government.  Build the American “ARK” to solve problems.
(Does she know about the separation of church and state?)

These are some of the candidates running for Barbara Boxer’s seat for 2016. 

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