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A Story Using Titles of Taylor Swift Songs

A Story Using Titles of Taylor Swift Songs

 A young, genius lady named Tessie, 22, just graduated college about to embrace her professional life.  Upon the plane landing at Kennedy Airport, Tessie notices Bryan, who got her attention by saying with affection “Welcome To New York”.  Always one to have a trusting soul, Tessie thought she felt that Sparks Fly between her and Bryan. 

As Bryan and Tessie were having some Starbucks coffee, a picture of Eddie slipped out of Tessie’s pocket.  Curious, Bryan asked Tessie about Eddie, and Tessie told him that she used to wish that she could go Back to December.   Last December, she left Eddie to start her new life, which took a toll on both of them.  Bryan and Tessie would part ways.

At her new apartment in New York, Tessie saw the place as advertised, ready to Begin Again.  It wasn’t long before Tessie met Tim, who told her he was named after Tim McGraw.  Ever the romantic, Tessie saw a Love Story in Tim’s eyes.  Little did she know, Tim was on the rebound.  That night Tessie met Tim’s friends, Kerry, Mike, and Julie.  It would turn out that they were all Tessie’s new coworkers.

Several weeks at the office pass by, with Tessie and Tim courting a relationship.  Tessie couldn’t believe her good fortune, a great job, new friends, and a relationship Sweeter Than Fiction

Then that fateful Tuesday came.  Tessie saw Tim and Kerry recalling their love, in which Kerry kept in her diary titled The Story of Us.  Naturally, Tessie asked Tim about it, and not surprisingly, he was evasive.  5:00 came.  In the ladies’ room to freshen up before heading home, Tessie overhead Kerry, Julie, and a few other female co-workers stating that Tessie was just another Picture to Burn

The troubles continued on Wednesday.  Tessie found a Dear John letter from Tim, which the letter concluded “I Knew You Were Trouble”.  Looking up Tim and Kerry were displaying PDA, while the other Mean coworkers laughing at her.  Kerry whispered in Tim’s ear, “Tessie is just another Blank Space, just using you to get ahead.” Tessie had enough. 

Thursday, Tessie confided in Mike, who introduced Tessie to new friends, Serena, Jessica, and Kathy; where they convinced Tessie to Shake It Off.   

That Friday at work, after some more teasing by Kerry and her catty friends, Tessie, Fearless, stood up to Kerry, and aside her were Mike, Serena, Jessica, and Kathy and all sang Bad Blood.  The office cheered for Tessie, and Tim was very embarrassed.  Embarrassed, Tim begged Tessie for forgiveness.  She did.  Tim asked if there was a chance, and Tessie smiled, cheerfully and loudly telling Tim, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!”

Returning to her apartment, Tessie, confident and smiling, saw Eddie with roses at her front door.  “Your mom and dad told me where you lived, I just wanted to see you again. I always knew you’d make it because you are always in Style.”   Tears in her eyes, Tessie hugged Eddie as they whispered to each other “You Belong With Me”.

Hope you enjoy it.  – Ed

P.S. Keep on rocking, Taylor Swift!

Legends of Zodiac Constellations in One Sentence

Legends of Zodiac Constellations in One Sentence

A ram that holds the fleece that Team Jason uses to save the day. 

What Zeus changed into to get it on with Europa.
Persephone teaches out of control bull to calm down.

Pollux and Castor: an example of true brotherly love.

Just another errand on Hercules’ his twelve labor to-do list.

Hercules’ first labor on his twelve labor to-do list. 

Demeter risks Earth’s well-being in order to find her missing daughter, Persephone.

Scales of justice that are used by the goddesses of justice and harvest.

Scorpio (Scorpius):
The scorpion that puts an end to Orion’s hunting activities, permanently. 

A man who somehow can’t get along with snakes and also crushes scorpions.
The good doctor Asclepius to tried to kill death. 

Commonly known as Chiron, a wise centaur who has venerable heels.
A centaur who’s into archery.
A satyr (human with a horses’ tail) named Crotus, who invented the bow.

Capricorn (Capricornus):
Lusty sea-goat, Pan, who plays the flute and is an excellent security system.

Zeus’ water bearing hunk toy, Ganymede.

Fish that rescues love goddesses and god Aphrodite and Eros. 

For detailed information, the Wikipedia articles are good or you can go here:  (, except for Ophiuchus (